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rose Fulfilling the need of education through Maharishi’s Science of Creative Intelligence
30 June 2009
The purpose of education is to develop the full potential of mind, body, and spirit of every individual, so that he makes the best use of his surroundings and circumstances to accomplish maximum for himself and for others. (more)
student Students from 37 countries graduate from Maharishi University of Management
29 June 2009
At Maharishi University of Management, Iowa, USA, 296 students earned their diplomas, including 46 undergraduate degrees, 245 Masters’ Degrees (161 of these were from the Computer Science Programme), and 3 PhDs. (more)
girl meditating Students comment on the Quiet Time Programme
26 June 2009
In the May 2009 newsletter of the David Lynch Foundation, students funded by the foundation commented on the Quiet Time Programme. (more)
Simmons Celebrity Russell Simmons speaks out in support of Consciousness-Based Education
24 June 2009
Russell Simmons, founder and CEO of Def Jam Recordings and Rush Communications, talks about utilizing the silent power within us all for positive change. (more)
students Expanding the capacity for learning through the Science of Creative Intelligence
23 June 2009
The Science of Creative Intelligence explores the total range of knowledge—both subjective and objective—and establishes the student's awareness in its full potential. (more)
Eero Providing enlightened entertainment
22 June 2009
Eero Tunkelo from Finland is Director of Student Activities at Maharishi University of Management, Iowa, USA. He uses his organizing skills from a variety of executive job experiences to organize enjoyable student events. (more)
winners Maharishi School students win more top science awards
19 June 2009
This year the Maharishi School in Fairfield, Iowa, USA, reached unprecedented heights in Science Fair Competition. Teaching strategies at Maharishi School ensure that students are motivated to learn and engaged in the process. (more)
hibiscus Using the total creative potential of Natural Law for problem-free life
17 June 2009
Maharishi explains how we can experience and use the total creative potential of Natural Law at the source of thought in the Self to materialize thought and fulfil our desires. This is Vedic Education. (more)
family Whether a student or a parent, your birthright is to enjoy bliss
16 June 2009
Bliss is there in the quiet recess of everyone’s brain or heart or mind. Realize your own enlightenment and in the same stroke create invincibility for the nation. (more)
students Maharishi Institute of Management in India
15 June 2009
Maharishi Institute of Management (M.I.M.) was founded in 1995 in India to provide the future managers with not only 'career-oriented' education, but also 'life-oriented' education—through Maharishi's Consciousness-Based Education System.(more)

Transcendental Meditation—a solution to educational problems within easy reach
12 June 2009
Top educators report that extensive scientific research and many years of experience demonstrating the effect of the Transcendental Meditation Programme in schools are now resulting in worldwide implementation of the programme.

Bech Maharishi University of Management alumna publishes bestselling book
10 June 2009
Healthy and Sound—All Year Round, a book by M.U.M. graduate Charlotte Bech was published in January in Denmark—selling out in two weeks and rising to the top of the country’s best-seller list. (more)
girl Developing unbounded awareness through the Transcendental Meditation Programme
9 June 2009
Unbounded awareness—the basis for gaining ‘flawless knowledge’ and accomplishing anything. (more)
dna Genetics and Maharishi’s Science of Creative Intelligence
8 June 2009
Maharishi’s Science of Creative Intelligence is the science of life. Intelligence is the science of life. It applies to both man and Nature—the subjective and objective realms of life. (more)
children 'A whole different world' for students with ADHD
5 June 2009
With practice of the Transcendental Meditation Programme, the lives of students with ADHD improved, convincing their school principal that Transcendental Meditation is the long sought answer for these children. (more)
students The Vedic ideal of communication 
3 June 2009
Maharishi explains how speech that comes from the full value of awareness, will enliven the evolutionary impulse of life and bliss in the listener. (more)
girl Study shows improved heart structure in teens
2 June 2009
Black adolescents at risk for hypertension as adults improved their heart structure through daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique. (more)
Dr Baker Outstanding teacher of art and consciousness
1 June 2009
Maharishi University of Management Art Professor Geoffrey Baker has produced over a dozen video tapes on the relationship of art and consciousness, and has received numerous awards. (more)
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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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