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mum Construction of Maharishi Vedic Observatory expected soon at MUM
28 April 2016
Construction of the Maharishi Vedic Observatory at Maharishi University of Management will begin soon, with completion expected sometime this summer. (more)
MUM Computer Professionals Programme celebrates 20 years of success
28 April 2016
The Maharishi University of Management Computer Professionals Programme is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and the number of students currently enrolled in the programme has reached a record number. (more)
students MUM students create change for sustainability in Fairfield, Iowa
24 April 2016
Maharishi University of Management MBA classes are partnering with the local community on three city sustainable projects: tourism, solar energy and a sustainable transportation master plan. (more)
alumni MUM alumni receive Cambodia's highest civilian honor
21 April 2016
Two Maharishi University of Management (MUM) PhD graduates were recently awarded Cambodia's highest civilian honor by royal decree of the King of Cambodia for establishing a university in Cambodia. (more)
super mind book A new book—Super Mind—discusses higher consciousness
17 April 2016
Super Mind, a new book by psychiatrist Norman Rosenthal describes the stages of the growth of consciou`sness and the benefits or "gifts" one experiences from the continued practice of Transcendental Meditation. (more)
med students What are Loyola Med School students doing to beat stress?
14 April 2016
Medical students at Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois, are incorporating the Transcendental Meditation technique in their training to reduce stress. (more)
filming David Lynch MA launches film series
11 April 2016
David Lynch Master's in Film program (DLMA) is hosting a twice-monthly film salon in Fairfield, Iowa, that will showcase indie/alternative features, shorts, and trailers from a wide range of film artists. (more)
yashon A creative entrepreneur
8 April 2016
Nahshon Yisrael's goal is to create a media company to help artists produce their creative work and Maharishi University of Management is giving him the knowledge to do this. (more)
MBA team MUM MBA students shine in business world competition
5 April 2016
A team of MBA students from Maharishi University of Management (MUM) scored in the 94th percentile in a competitive worldwide tournament in integrated decision-making. (more)
Aditi Growing her business through education
2 April 2016
Aditi Gentsch is taking business, writing, and media classes at Maharishi University of Management, and applies everything she learns to support her skin care business. (more)
scott New book on metrics for sustainability by MUM professor
31 March 2016
A new book Scott Herriott, the dean of the Maharishi University of Management College of Business, describes methods to document sustainability. (more)
speech students Maharishi School students win top state award for musical theater
28 March 2016
The Iowa High School Speech Association's All-State Festival gave the Critic's Choice Award to Maharishi School team for its outstanding performance this year. (more)
students MUM ranks among top small colleges for positive personality types
26 March 2016
Maharishi University of Management (MUM) has recently been included by DegreeMatch.org in its list of ''30 Great Small Colleges for ESTP Personality Types''—people who are risk-takers, leaders, and energetic. (more)
brain The miracle of transcendence and the human brain
23 March 2016
Science has discovered that the human brain's capacity is huge, and it is capable of accessing infinity with Transcendental Meditation. (more)
Gladys Kenyan orphan wants to teach TM in Africa
20 March 2016
Gladys Kimta from Kenya has enjoyed such great benefits from Transcendental Meditation that she wants to become a teacher and teach TM to those in Kenya and Africa. (more)
Dil Fulfilling a childhood dream
16 March 2016
Dil Siwakoti, from a remote village in Nepal, is fulfilling his childhood dream to become a doctor by studying integrative medicine at Maharishi University of Management, and he plans to incorporate Maharishi AyurVeda into his practice. (more)
music Student begins her musical career at MUM
13 March 2016
Tara De Santis is learning about various forms of creative media at Maharishi University of Management because she wants to create music that represents her values of love, truth, and personal growth. (more)
woman How women can save our nation from violence
9 March 2016
Women can have a positive influence on society when they are radiating peace and happiness from within and inspiring and uplifting those around them. (more)
students New computer students from 20 countries arrive on MUM campus
4 March 2016
Enrolment in Maharishi University of Management master's in computer science continues to grow, with students arriving to study toward an MS. (more)



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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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