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MUM student Ali Alrahahleh from Jordon says, "With the help of TM, I tend to be more focused and calm most of the time, and a high performer."



The value of TM for software engineers
by Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa, USA, website
28 June 2018

Maharishi University of Management (MUM) student Ali Alrahahleh, from Amman, Jordan, appreciated the value of Transcendental Meditation (TM) in his curricular practical training internship at Walmart Labs, Co. in Sunnyvale, California as a Senior Software Engineer.

Ali said:

“I have learned a simple mental technique at MUM, which I really have appreciated since coming to San Francisco. When my real life started, and my responsibilities accumulated, I really needed to have some moments of quietness in my daily routine.”

“Within all the chaos of the city, and my fast-pace life, my 20-minute meditations were awesome moments of peace, life and quietness. I could rejuvenate myself and my mind twice daily, and that twenty minutes gave me much energy to continue my routine, doing sports and working.

"It made me so creative and made my thinking vast. I think the Transcendental Meditation technique was the best thing I ever learned in my life, and now I see its effects much more.”

According to Ali:

“Stress is a major player in software programming; deadlines make people unstable, angry and desperate to finish on time. With the help of TM, I tend to be more focused and calm most of the time, and a high performer. People in my company asked me about the secret, so I pointed them to articles about TM.”

MUM has incorporated the leading personal development technologies for maximizing success and creativity in their curriculum

All students learn the Transcendental Meditation technique to improve their learning ability, quality of life, relief from stress, academic and job performance.

Over 380 peer-reviewed scientific studies support the benefits of this simple mental technique to produce deep relaxation, greater intelligence, recovery from stress and more energy.

TM is not a religion, philosophy, or lifestyle and requires no belief. It is the most effective and widely researched method of self-development in the world, and has been learned by millions of students and businesspeople.


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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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