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Students in their classroom at Maharishi Secondary School for Girls in Mbale, Uganda, radiate happiness.



Maharishi Secondary School for Girls in Uganda
by Transcendental Meditation News UK
July 2013

In an area of the world where schooling opportunities for girls are too often lacking, the Maharishi Secondary School for Girls in Mbale offers Consciousness- Based Education to girls from Uganda and neighbouring Kenya.

The school offers a good all-round education in traditional subjects and, in addition, each day starts and ends with girls and staff closing their eyes to practise Transcendental Meditation together. At present, 44 of the girls are also Yogic Flyers. All of this group are boarders who do their TM-Sidhi Programme together morning and evening.

Growing enrolment and exam achievements

Recently, overall enrolment at the school has increased to 80, with 20 new girls joining in February, the beginning of the academic year. The school has also expanded its curriculum to include A Level subjects. To cater for this growth, four new teachers and an accountant have been employed.

Last November, eleven of the girls took the national exams, covering a wide range of subjects: English, creative writing, history, maths, agriculture, physics, chemistry, biology, commerce, art and Kiswahili. All of them passed into the senior secondary level, passing in a required minimum of at least two subjects, and three excelled by passing in nine subjects. This was a remarkable achievement, an unexpected success for a school with an open admissions policy.

Singled out to perform at International Women’s Day

The success of the school has not gone unnoticed. For the third year in a row, the school was singled out among all others to perform songs at the International Women’s Day celebration in Mbale. Marching in line with women soldiers and police, the Maharishi School girls, dressed in their bright red and white school uniforms, danced and sang, their words giving expression to the fundamental importance of unfolding the full value of consciousness from within.

Africa’s first Maharishi Vastu school building

To accommodate increasing numbers, work is progressing on the ground floor of a new three-storey school building comprising classrooms and an office. Built according to the principles of Maharishi Vastu, it will be the first school building of its kind in Africa. The structure of the ground floor is now complete, and currently the walls and ceilings are being plastered. When this is done, installation of windows and painting will add a finishing touch.

Fund-raising is ongoing for the construction of the two upper storeys of the building and to equip it with desks, chairs, laboratories and everything needed for the girls’ well-rounded education. There are plans to install solar panels to pump water and solar lighting in the future.

The growth of the school has been made possible by donations from well- wishers around the world. There is much more to be done, and for which further funds are required. This year, for example, the school needs to build a hall for Yogic Flying and a new dormitory for the boarders.

Most significantly, the intention is to increase the number of girls who have completed the TM-Sidhi Course to at least 70. This will enhance the influence of coherence and positivity that the school is creating for Uganda and Kenya, bringing support of Nature to all areas of national life.

For further information visit: www.seedsofheaven.org and follow the links to Africa and then Uganda.


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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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