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Maharishi School alumni Ben says that the school provided him with a broad and open-minded education that enabled him to embark on a successful scientific career.





















Maharishi School alumni share their thoughts
by www.maharishischool.com
29 March 2011

Current pupils and parents, past students and others share their thoughts about their favourite school, the Maharishi School in England.

Parents of an eight-year-old student from Mawdesley recently wrote to us with this wonderful endorsement:

'Our eight year old started in the Maharishi School this September and we have been delighted to see how well our son has settled in. We were concerned as to how he would adjust to moving school and leaving his old friends and familiar school surroundings behind. We needn’t have worried, everyone at the school, the children and the staff, have all been so welcoming that he has taken to his new school with both enthusiasm and ease, in fact—he loves it.'

Ben 1999
‘Following the completion of a Bsc (Hons) in Genetics (1st class) at the University of Manchester, I am now reading for a PhD in Biochemistry, conducting research into the biosynthesis of complex proteins with Professor High. I attended the Maharishi School for my entire school life and found the experience to be absolutely life-defining. It is a school unlike any other and provided me with the broad and open-minded education that enabled me to embark on a successful scientific career. More that this however, my time at the Maharishi School helped to frame my appreciation of life and showed me where to look for happiness—I wouldn’t change a day of it.’

Matthew 2000
‘I am a professional Jazz trumpet player/ composer and arranger. I have toured the world playing jazz music in places such as: Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Australia, America, Russia, France and Italy. I found the time I spent at the Maharishi School gave me confidence and belief in myself. The teachers were amazing and gave me so much support: within a year of arriving at the school my grades went from E’s to A*s, B’s and C’s. It was one of the best periods in my life so far!’

James 1999
'After graduating from the Maharishi School, I went on to study Computing at Imperial College London, before joining UBS Investment Bank. At UBS I have had the opportunity to work on a broad range of transactions, spanning corporate acquisitions, IPOs and financing transactions, ranging in size from £100 million to over £3 billion.I also founded the UBS Film Society, a club which now has over 100 members.

' Investment banking is a very exciting industry, but it can also be quite intense and at times, taxing. I find that having gone to the Maharishi School and practised TM and the TM Sidhi programme I have been given a foundation that allows me to function more effectively in the high-pressure situations that I often find myself in. It also gives me perspective, and nourishes all those other aspects of my life that remain so important to me.'

Victoria 2001
‘I attended the Maharishi School all my school life and since leaving have gone on to study Medicine at Nottingham University, where I’m now in my final year. My course has provided lots of amazing and varied experiences such as delivering babies and working in A&E, and I’m currently looking forward to working in a hospital for 3 months in South Africa next year. I have very happy memories of my school years, where the teachers were lots of fun and learning was always in a supportive and relaxed environment. I feel privileged to have had such a unique education which nurtured my self-confidence and has formed the basis of my future career.’


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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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