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Like pulling the arrow back on the bow, allowing the mind to experience its silent source within results in thoughts so clear and strong that they will hit the target and accomplish whatever one wants to achieve.



Success-oriented education through enlightenment technology
by Global Good News staff writer
23 March 2011

In responding to questions from the media in a press conference on February 5, 2003, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi strongly suggests that education be transformed from being ‘work-oriented’ to being ‘enlightenment-oriented’.

While universities currently offer, in Maharishi’s words, ‘all knowledge in one campus’, Maharishi explains that there is a better way. ‘The effective way will be, “Come and I will give you all knowledge in one brain.”

Maharishi makes it clear that spending each day working hard, only to go home exhausted and unable to do anything but sleep, is not the way to live life. ‘To work hard is a waste of life,’ Maharishi states. As a refreshing option, he offers that knowledge which opens one’s awareness to the field of all possibilities. With that experience, the individual’s brain becomes fully awakened and gains the awareness of the cosmic range whereby he can know anything, do anything, and achieve anything. ‘You can be the master of the world’s destiny through the technique of thinking,’ Maharishi tells us.

A technique of ‘how to think’

Maharishi describes his Transcendental Meditation Technique as the technique of ‘how to think.’ ‘We have been teaching TM throughout the world and that is a part of Yoga,’ he says. ‘I had to call it Transcendental Meditation and I avoided the word yoga, because yoga was thought in terms of physical exercises.’

Maharishi explains that the part of Yoga which he calls the Transcendental Meditation Technique teaches ‘how to make the mind sit at the source of thought and think from there so that the whole Natural Law will be supporting every thought.’

By allowing the mind to experience its silent source within, the thought power will be so strong that it will accomplish whatever one wants to achieve and progress in daily activity will be maximized. Maharishi often likens this to the use of a bow and arrow—the farther the arrow gets pulled back on the bow, the greater the dynamism with which it goes forth.

Soft thinking, not hard work

A reporter participating in the press conference was fascinated by this concept which Maharishi was presenting, that education should be ‘enlightenment-based’ in contrast to today’s ‘work-oriented’ education. He asked Maharishi if there should be a middle-ground balancing education that prepares people to earn a living and education for the full development of the individual.

‘No, we don’t need a bridge there,’ Maharishi responded and then elaborated on his theme of education. ‘Education for enlightenment means you will have that high strength of thought power—thought force will be so strong that whatever you think you will achieve.

‘When we say education should not be work-oriented, it should be enlightenment-oriented, we mean that through enlightenment technology, hard work will not be necessary. Soft thinking will achieve very great achievements which can even be very difficult through hard work.’

‘Every growing child should have the technique of thinking’

Maharishi then emphasized that this does not mean eliminating activity. ‘Enlightenment is not negation of activity in a way that you will not get the result of action—no, no, no. You will get much greater result of action by doing much less action. Less action and more achievement is the way of enlightenment.

‘Therefore, when we say the education should not be work-oriented, it should be enlightenment-oriented, we only say that every student, every growing child should have the technique of thinking. They should be trained in Transcendental Meditation—in exploring that region of the Transcendent from where the thought rises, and then every thought will carry the force, or the energy, or the power, or the intelligence of Total Natural Law.’

While Maharishi feels that the current system of education does not provide children with the opportunity to fully develop life’s possibilities, he sees enlightenment-based education, Consciousness-Based Education, as worthy of life’s fullest value which, he says, ‘is cosmic in magnitude.’

‘What life can achieve is everything possible for everyone. That education we want to create in the world. And through that education, that level of health will be there; perfection will become a living reality. And in that, evolution will be a normal feature of daily life of everyone. And that is what we want to promote in our world family.’

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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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