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Creating greatness for yourself and your nation
by Global Good News staff writer
9 September 2010

In a short talk on the role of students, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi explores with students how they can become fully alert and creative; how they can become master of every situation; how they can become successful in every avenue of life; and how, by becoming great themselves, they can become the wise citizens of tomorrow and truly make their nation great. 

Maharishi points out that the life of a student is particularly suited to self-development and offers one simple point of practical advice for all students to unfold their full potential.

A Fundamental Role
Maharishi: ‘The role of students in structuring Invincibility to Every Nation is a very fundamental one, because the students of today are the wise citizens of tomorrow. The wisdom with which they handle their own lives tomorrow will determine the strength and wisdom of the nation.

‘The collective consciousness of a nation determines the quality of life in the nation, and its status and value in the world. The students of every nation should now understand that they can build their country into a really, really great nation. But to do this every student must be great himself. He can become great himself only by developing the full potential of his mind and body, and learning how to live a life free of mistakes. He must learn how to live life in waves of accomplishment and fulfilment.

‘The life of a student is particularly appropriate for self-development. In fact, the purpose of a student’s life is to prepare himself to be a wise, happy, and successful individual and an ideal citizen of his country. Every student wants to be a great man, and wants to absorb as much knowledge as possible.

‘Success in life must be in every avenue, because life is a whole entity which is made up of many parts. Life is not composed of just one or a few avenues. So, the student must know how to live successfully in every way. He should not make mistakes at any level. An argument with a friend, or disrespect for a teacher—these are the kinds of mistakes or accidents that a student can encounter.

‘When a teacher says, ‘‘Do this’’, and the student says, ‘‘It is difficult’’—that is an accident in the field of knowledge. A student must know how to have ideal relationships with everyone and everything: with teachers, with friends, with his family—even the relationship between his foot and the football in a match must be ideal, if the student is going to be successful.

‘In short, the student’s mind should be so alert that he is master of every situation. This requires a disciplined life and right thinking. It must be your experience that when you are tired, the book is in front of you but you do not see the words, and even if you do see the words, you do not understand them. That is because the mind is dull and drowsy.’

My Advice to Students

‘For all students I have just one practical advice: practise the Transcendental Meditation Technique. Just a few minutes of TM every morning and evening and you will be very alert. Then, you will gain knowledge so quickly that you will be expert in every field.

‘Such alertness is possible only on the basis of freedom from fatigue and freedom from stress and laziness. Through Transcendental Meditation the mind becomes so sharp and brilliant that the student’s full genius is demonstrated in all his actions. Every human being has an unlimited amount of genius hidden within him. Transcendental Meditation unfolds this entire potential and makes it possible for every student to live the genius in his daily life.

‘Every student has heard of great men in his nation, in his city, in his neighbourhood. All these great men have developed a successful level of life by developing the habit of alertness right from their student days. Alertness is a completely natural thing. The mind is alert when it is fresh, and dull when it is tired. That is natural. The Science of Creative Intelligence and its practical aspect, the Transcendental Meditation Technique, develop the mind’s creativity. The natural result is powerful thoughts, which lead to successful action and fulfilment.

‘The teacher of the Science of Creative Intelligence will give you some lessons and you will learn to experience the creative genius hidden within yourself. It is a very great necessity that every student should know that by being great himself, he can bring greatness to his country. An ideal student is one who is very, very alert mentally, and orderly in his ways. In his behaviour he always shows respect and courtesy, and naturally does not do anything which he knows to be wrong.

‘Through Transcendental Meditation every student can develop his full potential and culture his mind and body in such a way that he enjoys perfect health. In this Age of Enlightenment no student should even know what sickness is. When the mind and body are the most alert in action, then the student is at his peak. He is so alert that he is impenetrable to influences from the outside which could harm him. Every student should know that when he is not feeling well he is contributing to the ill health of the nation.

‘In this Age of Enlightenment, it is obligatory for every student to prepare himself to be an Ideal Citizen of his country. A student makes his nation invincible by taking care of himself and doing everything necessary to be an ideal person. To behave in an ideal manner is very easy now because of the Transcendental Meditation Programme. Every student can make use of the infinite storehouse of intelligence hidden within himself and take full advantage of this Age of Enlightenment. Every student should become a proud Citizen of the Age of Enlightenment.

‘You should understand that by developing your own personality to the maximum extent through Transcendental Meditation, you will spontaneously make a major contribution to make your nation invincible, and to bring invincibility to every nation in the world.’

(from Enlightenment To Every Individual Invincibility To Every Nation, pp. 218-222)


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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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