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Maharishi's Vedic Science provides direct experience of the Self. The experience of inner bliss consciousness brings real freedom.



Maharishi's Vedic Science provides answers to age-old questions
by Global Good News staff writer
16 May 2007

Throughout history, the youth of every generation have pondered the meaning of life, asking such questions as,’Who am I?’ and ‘What is the meaning of existence?’ ‘Is my life a small, insignificant point in the vast expanse of space and time or am I somehow connected to the greatness of cosmic existence?’ ‘Am I a slave to destiny, or master of my life?’ ‘Is there an eternal, Absolute aspect to life and, if there is, what is my relationship with that?’

Philosophy, religion, and science have provided partial answers to some of these questions. Today, students of Maharishi’s Vedic Science are able to systematically unfold, within the silent state of their own awareness, complete, satisfying answers to these age-old questions. Maharishi’s Vedic Science offers every student a simple technology to know his Self and to discover his intimate connection to everything in the universe.

Maharishi Vedic Science provides direct experience of the Self

Most important, Maharishi’s Vedic Science provides answers, not through intellectual understanding, but by giving direct experience of one’s Self, Transcendental Consciousness, experienced at the source of thought. This knowledge of one’s Self is so immense, complete, and satisfying that it is referred to as Total Knowledge, totality, the state of enlightenment.

Moreover, Total Knowledge, unfolded by Maharishi’s Vedic Science is of practical value. It offers the key to achieve any desire by accessing the infinite reservoir of creative intelligence of one’s Self. Maharishi’s Vedic Science provides practical technologies for knowing the Self and for tapping its infinite creativity and intelligence in order to know anything and accomplish any positive goal.

Looking first at the question, ‘Who am I?’: Normally a person might identify himself with his looks, or personality, his career or hobbies, his status, family background, cultural heritage, religion, or nationality. ‘I’m a Frenchman,’ he might say, or ‘I’m a collector of 19th century paintings;’ or ‘I’m a CEO of a major company;’ ‘I’m a millionaire;’ ‘I’m a blond-haired, blue-eyed wonder;’ or ‘I’m a grade-A student,’ etc. Maharishi has pointed out that all these relative descriptions are only superficial coverings of who one really is.

During the practice of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Technique, one closes the eyes and allows one’s mind to settle and experience finer levels of the mind, until one experiences the source of thought, pure consciousness, or inner wakefulness. This experience of inner wakefulness, without any particular thought, is the experience of one’s Self. As one grows more familiar with experiencing one’s Self, one knows with increasing clarity that inside is an unbounded ocean of silent bliss consciousness.

The Self is an unbounded ocean of bliss consciousness

The ancient Vedic Literature describes the Self as ‘sat chit ananda’—existence, consciousness, bliss—an ocean of bliss consciousness, the foundation of all existence.

The quality of bliss makes the experience of the Self, extremely charming. In fact, those who practice Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Technique regularly, report that this simple experience of inner happiness far surpasses any experience of relative happiness, which one can achieve through the senses or action.

For example, if one eats chocolate cake, one can feel some temporary happiness. One may feel temporarily content from this sensory experience. However, that contentment does not last and the memory of chocolate cake can cause the craving for another cake-experience, and another and another. One may even find oneself in bondage, driven by the desire for more chocolate cake, or, in other cases, more money, more friends, more thrilling experiences.

On the other hand, the experience of inner bliss consciousness provides the means for self-sufficient happiness. One needs nothing outside oneself to experience inner fulfilment. This experience of bliss brings real freedom. Students and adults find that they live a state of inner contentment and independence, while enjoying sensory life. When one is not dependent on anything outside one’s Self, that self-sufficient strength attracts strong personal relationships and makes action powerful and effective.

Knowing the Self, one feels anchored in the silent ocean of bliss consciousness and this brings deep security and stability. No matter what one experiences in the ups and downs of relative life, one is always connected to the silent, unchanging, Absolute field of existence and bliss.

Uncovering Total Knowledge of one’s cosmic reality

The ancient Vedic Literature also describes the Self as the unified foundation of all knowledge and all existence. The Vedic texts describe the Self as infinite, eternal, the unmanifest source of all manifest creation. It is beyond all time and space, yet gives rise to all time and space. It is a completely silent field of consciousness, which gives rise to and pervades the dynamism of all material existence. Vedic texts also describe the Self as a field of Unity, Totality, which contains all diversity. The Vedic texts declare, ‘know that by which everything is known.’

These apparently opposite values of silence and dynamism, unmanifest and manifest, unity and diversity, may be difficult for the intellect to comprehend, but they can be easily experienced. Through Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Technique and an advanced program, known as the TM-Sidhi Program, including Yogic Flying, Maharishi’s Vedic Science allows the student to uncover Total Knowledge of his cosmic reality. Through these technologies of consciousness, the student fathoms, at his source, an unbounded field of creative intelligence, a Unified Field of Consciousness, the source of all the Laws of Nature, which create and administer the entire universe. In terms of religion, this eternal field of creative intelligence at the source of the universe has been called the light of God.

Modern science, ancient science, and personal experience

It is interesting that now quantum field theory in physics also describes a non-changing, infinitely dynamic, unified field of intelligence at the source of all existence. This coming together of modern physics, Maharishi’s Vedic Science, and direct personal experience of the Unified Field of Consciousness provides students with complete knowledge of the unified source of life. Together, modern science, ancient Vedic Science, and direct experience of one’s Self provide any student with a scientific understanding of his own cosmic reality. The student knows the Unified Field of Total Knowledge within. He appreciates that his own wide-awake consciousness is the home of all the Laws of Nature, which run the universe. The student experiences that his Self is the Self of everyone; he is connected to everything.

This experience of Total Knowledge is different from the knowledge which students gain by reading books and going to school. Total Knowledge is gained through experience, rather than through intellectual study. Total Knowledge refers to the direct experience of the unified value of all the Laws of Nature, within one’s Self. This experience brings with it the practical technology of harnessing the infinite organizing power of Natural Law.

To clarify, when a student learns at school about a specific Law of Nature, such as the Law of gravity or electro-magnetism, the student can apply that intellectual knowledge. He can use the laws of electro-magnetism to run his computer or light his house. When, through the practice of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Technique, a student opens his awareness to the field of Total Knowledge of all the Laws of Nature within himself, he makes use of the entire field of Natural Law in a spontaneous way to better his life.

Aligning awareness with Total Natural Law

Tapping this field of Total Natural Law, the student aligns his awareness with all the Laws of Nature. Without intellectually knowing all the Laws, he finds that automatically, he is supported by all the Laws of Nature. He finds that spontaneously he is able to accomplish his desires, without making mistakes. This is the practical value of knowing the Self.

Thus, through Maharishi’s Vedic Science, each student is given the ability to experience who he is and to appreciate his cosmic reality. He knows himself, not as an insignificant small point in space and time, but as connected to the Unified Field of Consciousness, the Self of all beings, the home of total Natural Law, which administers the entire ever-expanding universe. By tapping this cosmic level of life, the student grows in knowledge and ability to command his own destiny. He spontaneously cultures the ability to act from this level to fulfil his desires. Life becomes a limitless field of all possibilities, pervaded by bliss, freedom, and fulfilment.

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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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