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Dr Girish Varma, Minister of Higher Education in Maharishi's Global Country of World Peace
His Excellency Dr Girish Chandra Varma, Director-General of the Maharishi World Capital of Peace at the Brahmasthan of India is establishing groups of peace-creating experts in cities all across India.

A large group of Vedic Pandits practicing TM and TM-Sidhis together in India

Vastu facilities for Vedic Pandits

Vedic Pandits walking near their Vastu housing

aerial view of Vastu housing for Vedic Pandits

A large group of Vedic Pandits

A group of Vedic Pandits

Vedic Pandits training to perform Rudrabhishek

The tent in which a Mahayaga for world peace was conducted in 1944

Vedic Mandaps for performance of Maharishi's Vedic Technologies of Peace

Maharishi Vedic Pandits


Youth of India become permanent peace-creating experts for the world
by Dr Peter Warburton, Raja of England
August 2006

For countless generations the knowledge of Yoga and Yagya has been passed on from teacher to student in Vedic India. Today, under the guidance of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 3,000 (leading to 24,000) custodians of this ancient knowledge – Vedic Pandits - are gathering in the geographical centre of India, the Brahmasthan, to create world peace.

His Excellency Dr Girish Chandra Varma, Director-General of the Maharishi World Capital of Peace at the Brahmasthan of India, is establishing groups of 1,008 peace-creating experts in each of 256 cities across India. Through their daily performance of Yoga and Yagya these groups will generate invincibility for every nation.

Maharishi has revived the system of Yagya in its purity and effectiveness, and thousands of Vedic Pandits of India are being trained in their performance, to neutralize negativity in world consciousness and restore balance in Nature. Through the Yagya Programme, individuals and whole nations can be saved from the influence of their past actions.

Maharishi’s Vedic Peace Programme includes the twice daily group practice of Transcendental Meditation® and the TM-Sidhi Programme Including Yogic Flying and the daily performance of Ati Rudrabhishek Maha Yagya.

Ati Rudrabhishek Maha Yagya is a specific ancient Vedic Performance using certain recitations of Vedic Sound which awaken the eternal peace of the Unified Field of Natural Law (Atma) in life on our planet. This Yagya, performed by 1,331 Vedic Pandits, was conducted by ancient kings in Vedic times, when life was lived in abundance, peace and bliss.

When all groups of Vedic Pandits have been established, there will be at least 18 Ati Rudrabhishek Maha Yagyas performed daily—something unprecedented in the history of the world.

'Through the Yagyas, everything is possible. Underline the word: everything is possible. . . . Yagyas are all powerful; Yagyas are all powerful; Yagyas are all powerful.' —Maharishi

The time for prevention
History shows that wars break out and spread with lightning speed often without any apparent logic. Negotiations are futile in creating lasting peace. Therefore, the call of time, Maharishi says, is to avert the danger before it arises, as expressed in the phrase Heyam Duhkham Anagatam from the Yog-Sutras 2.16. It could be said, Maharishi adds, that we should have done this long ago, but the past is the past. Now, we have to take care of our future, and make a world of Unity Consciousness, a Global Country of World Peace.

The means to achieve this are available through the Vedic Technologies of Peace that Maharishi has brought to us from his Master, Guru Dev, His Divinity Brahmanand Saraswati. The effectiveness of this technology is supported by both scientific principles and research.

Benefits of supporting this project
When the enlightened of any nation give financial support to the large groups of Vedic Pandits in India, this act in itself becomes a massive national Yagya for the nation from which the contributions come. The nation’s fortune is improved, the negative tendencies of the nation are reversed, and some of the negative consequences of the past mistakes of the government are counteracted.

Photographs on this page show some of the residences for the Vedic Pandits, which have been built with donations from around the world. These facilities are all constructed according to the principles of Vastu Vidya—Maharishi Sthapatya Veda—architecture in perfect harmony with Natural Law. These perfect Vastu buildings create a purely positive and evolutionary influence for the Pandits, promoting the power of their performance of Maharishi’s Vedic peace technologies.

These groups in India, with their daily performance of Ati Rudrabhishek Maha Yagyas and Global Maharishi Effect Group Flying, radiate a powerful benefit to all the citizens of every nation.

For further information and for Yagya performances for individuals, visit:


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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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