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Maharishi's Vedic Science offers everyone the opportunity to gain support of all the Laws of Nature, enhancing efficiency, success and bliss in all areas of life.


Integrating inner fulfilment and outer success for living 200% of life
by Global Good News staff writer
12 March 2007

When we look at successful people around us, they seem to have an enhanced ability for gliding through life’s challenging situations, anchored to an inner stability and self-confidence. They even seem to enjoy overcoming obstacles, drawing on their inner creativity and skills. But anyone can cultivate these characteristics of successful people, through Maharishi’s Vedic Science, which includes Transcendental Meditation (TM) and the TM-Sidhi Programme.

His Holiness, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has brought to light in the ancient Vedic knowledge that life consists of two levels: 1) the ever-changing relative level of outer life, with all its ups and downs, and 2) the eternal, non-changing unbounded field of silent bliss consciousness within, referred to in the ancient Vedic texts as the ‘Self’. Veda means ‘knowledge—Total Knowledge’. Maharishi’s Vedic Science unfolds Total Knowledge of both inner and outer levels of life, and how to live both in a perfectly integrated way for maximum happiness and success.

This science reveals that when an individual knows the unbounded Self within, he is anchored to his own eternal, unchanging field of stability—and he begins to enjoy this inner peace in the relative field of change. As a result, whether writing a term paper, trying out for the tennis team or orchestra, or whatever action he is undertaking—that individual already owns the goal of all action in his awareness.

He enjoys inner stability and fulfilment while striving for new levels of achievement. His happiness and security do not depend on relative circumstances or environment. This enables improved performance, unencumbered by fear and anxiety, but instead infused with peace and confidence. Life becomes fun—while gaining knowledge, performing action, and enjoying the resulting achievement.

This inner field of happiness, silence, and stability is a field of infinite creative intelligence, which can be tapped for creativity and solutions. The Self is a field of total wakefulness, providing the increased alertness necessary to navigate around problems with skill and efficiency.

Maharishi’s Vedic Science describes in detail this field of consciousness—or Creative Intelligence—and provides explanations from both ancient Vedic wisdom, and from the most modern principles of quantum field theory of how the infinite field of consciousness creates through its own self-interacting dynamics, giving rise to all the Laws of Nature at the basis of the individual and the entire universe. Tapping this field of infinite intelligence, creativity, and order, one gains support of all the Laws of Nature, enhancing efficiency and success.

Scientific research on TM and its advanced programme, known as the TM-Sidhi Programme including Yogic Flying, substantiates the experiences of students around the world showing improved grade point average, increased IQ, improved memory and recall ability, increased creativity, and increased field independence. Research also shows increased happiness, decreased anxiety, more positive self-image, reduced job worry and tension, increased job satisfaction, and productivity.

Through this simple technique, the old principle that success is gained through hard work and stress has given way to a new principle that success comes easily when one is in contact with the field of unbounded creative intelligence and bliss. Maharishi refers to this supreme skill in action as ‘living 200 % in life’ —100% inner fullness of the silent, absolute level of life, and 100% fullness of achievement and happiness in the outer field of relative life.

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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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