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The Fundamentals of Progress uphold basic principles needed by anyone who desires success.


How to maintain progress and gain success in life
by Global Good News staff writer
March 29 2007

Today, successful countries, organizations, businesses and individuals are making use of the ‘Fundamentals of Progress’ defined by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, as essential for maintaining unrestricted progress.

These fundamentals are summarized in five words: stability, adaptability, integration, purification, and growth. They uphold basic principles needed by anyone who desires success, or by anyone wanting to maintain success.

The first two principles—stability and adaptability—are opposite qualities; but they work together to create maximum progress for anyone. Stability—the inner foundation of strength—is the sturdy basis, which weathers the innovations and changes required for one to move forward to new heights. A builder secures a firm foundation for his building first, before he erects his masterpiece. Even in the simple example of walking, the stable unmoving foot creates the basis for the moving foot to go forward.

Once an individual, company, or nation, has reached stability and is on the way to achieving success, how is that success maintained? The next two principles— adaptability and integration—provide the key.

Adaptability describes the ability to be flexible with changing needs, environment, conditions, and times. Integration describes the ability to absorb new ideas, which are useful to the progress of the individual or group.

The integration of computer technology and satellite communication into business and personal life is an example of how society naturally adapts and integrates the newest knowledge and discoveries to enhance progress. The faster one integrates new discoveries and inventions into one’s life, the greater one’s ability to cope and succeed in the modern world.

The last two Fundamentals of Progress are purification and growth. Purification distills the essential elements from those that are no longer needed; while growth sustains the pace upward and onward to new heights.

As an example, we can observe the Fundamentals of Progress functioning in the career of a professor of art history. His extensive knowledge of the art world, position at a university, and teaching skills give him stability in his profession. He progresses in his career by keeping informed of the newest research and knowledge in his field, and by incorporating new technologies into his lectures.

Before computers, he worked long hours putting together slides for his lectures; but now he has adapted computer technology for preparing his lectures in a fraction of the time. The digital slides are filed on his computer so that he can quickly select appropriate ones for a lecture.

He has integrated modern technology into his work, and has purified out old elements, discarding slide projector and movie screen. His career is progressive, growing, and changing with the times. Wherever there is progress, these five fundamental principles—stability, adaptability, integration, purification, and growth— can be seen steering the action towards increasing success and fulfilment.

Maharishi’s Vedic Science, with its technologies, known as Maharishi’s Technologies of the Unified Field, greatly enhance all five Fundamentals of Progress in a natural, simple way. These technologies include Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation (TM) Technique, and an advanced programme, known as the TM-Sidhi Programme which includes Yogic Flying.

TM is a simple mental technique practised twenty minutes twice daily. During the practice, one closes the eyes and brings the attention within to experience the Self, the inner field of silence, unity, peace, and happiness. Knowing this unbounded non-changing field within, one’s emotions, mind, and behaviour are anchored to a field of complete stability and inner bliss. The outer circumstances of life change; but inside one is connected to a foundation of peace and inner contentment.

This inner stability provides a basis for all change in the changing world. Connected to this eternal field of non-change, one can adapt to the changing conditions of life, embracing change for increased progress. Every day, one experiences the whole range of life from infinite inner silence, during Transcendental Meditation, to dynamic activity during work and study.

This experience of contrasting values of silence and dynamism cultivates adaptability, and integrates inner silence and peace with outer challenges of the active world. In addition, through the practice of TM, one experiences the contrasting values of unbounded inner awareness during meditation, and increased ability to focus attention after meditation.

The mind gains flexibility as it swings between unboundedness and fine focused attention, between silence and dynamism. Also, the increased wakefulness, creativity, and mental clarity, gained during TM brings increased alertness and creative intelligence to one’s work. Creative solutions emerge naturally because one is accessing the inner creative genius.

As the individual adapts to new situations and circumstances, old ways of thinking and acting are purified from the system. Moreover, the deep rest provided by TM allows accumulated stresses and strains to be released spontaneously, creating a natural means of purification. One’s daily dip into the refreshing silence of pure consciousness allows life to become effortlessly progressive, without strain.

The TM-Sidhi Programme, including Yogic Flying, enhances all these benefits, cultivating the ability to act from the unbounded field of pure wakefulness, increased orderliness, intelligence, and creativity.

Maharishi refers to this ability to govern one’s own life progressively and successfully as spontaneous self-administration. The practice of TM and the TM-Sidhi Programme, including Yogic Flying is the most powerful technology for developing spontaneous self-administration, because by opening one’s awareness to the field of unbounded silence and creative intelligence at the source of thought one is tapping the Unified Field of Total Natural Law which administer the great dynamic activity of the universe.

The experience of the Unified Field of consciousness spontaneously aligns life so that thought and action are in accord with Total Natural Law. When one does not violate Natural Law, then problems do not arise, and life continues effortlessly in an evolutionary direction.

Today, individuals, companies, and countries are securing unrestricted progress for themselves by utilizing Maharishi’s Technologies of the Unified Field. These technologies are the next step in our modern, technological age—the next step necessary to sustain success, and to bring achievement to those on the way to success.

Any individual, company, or nation, which has the vision to adopt these programmes instantaneously sets life on the fast stream of progress by accessing their best inner resource—the unbounded reservoir of creativity, peace, and intelligence within.

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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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